Our Kitchen

Honest ingredients & careful preparation

We keep it simple in the Bayley Lane Kitchen – local produce, prepared with care, coming together to make outstanding dishes. And always with your wallet in mind.

Everything on our menu is prepared fresh, so if you have any special dietary needs please let our team know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Sunday Lunch

Why not join us this Sunday for our famous Sunday Lunch. The perfect way to end your weekend!

See below for further details……

Our Sunday Best….

The feeling of friendship is like that of being comfortably filled with roast beef; love, like being enlivened with Champagne. Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

What makes Sundays so special?

Is it the night before? Is it the night before the night before? Is it the long lie in? Is it taking the dog for an extra long walk? Is it watching the Grand Prix while feigning interest in the Sunday supplements? Is it washing the car? Is it mowing the lawn? Is it picking the kids up from camp? Is it the Antiques Roadshow?

Or is it…

A proper Roast Dinner! You know what we mean… the Real Deal. A fantastic joint of meat, great roast potatoes, proper gravy (like your Granny makes), your weekly allowance of veg, a cheeky glass of red, eyeing up the last spud, using every dish, pan & pot in the kitchen and then pretending to be asleep afterwards to avoid the washing up.

Trio of Roasts for Two

We believe that the essence of a great Sunday Roast is that it should be shared. As such all of our roast dinners are prepared, served and priced for two to share.

Meet Our Head Chef Chris

Chris is a local lad who studied at Henley Catering College, before he  began at Le Gavroche cooking under esteemed chef,Michel Roux Jr.

Since then, he has worked at several 5 Star Hotels and Michelin starred Restaurants. Chris has been part of a team that has won Two Michelin Stars and four Rosettes as well as many other awards.

Did You Know

  1. This is the first time he has worked in Coventry
  2. He has 3 Chickens at home (Omelette,Kiev & Piri)
  3. Chris has cooked For the Royal Family