Our MAIN menu is available monday to saturday from 12 pm


Homemade Smoked Mackerel Pate £5.95 G.F.O.A
served with toasted baguette slices

Duck Yuk Sung £6.95
pulled confit duck leg infused with spices

Tempura of Marinated Aubergine £4.95 V/VE
drizzled with a black treacle honey *ask for vegan friendly options*

 Homemade Falafel Bon Bon’s £5.50 V/VE
Served on a bed of Honey mustard red cabbage and topped with a lemon and coriander hummus dusted with black & white sesame seeds

Salmon Tartare £6.95 G.F.O.A
 Our classic interpretation using the finest quality salmon, freshly squeezed lime juice & crème fraiche served with in-house toasted croutons

Trio of  Locally Sourced Butchers’ Sausages £4.95 G.F.O.A
Pork and Black Pudding, Pork and caramelized onion and Pork and Apple Drizzled in our in-house made Chimichurri and slices of toasted Artisan Tiger Bread

Classic Creamy Garlic Wild Mushrooms £5.50  G.F.O.A/V
Cooked in a garlic & herb cream sauce over toasted artisan tiger bread topped with shards of crispy serrano ham *For a vegetarian alternative please ask the server for no ham*

Blistered Padron Peppers £3.50 V/VE
 Pimientos De Padron, A green pepper originating from Galicia in Spain Simply Fried until blistered and generously seasoned with Maldon Salt
Pil Pil King Prawns £6.95 G.F.O.A
King Prawns gently cooked in olive oil garlic, chilli and fresh cherry tomatoes  finished with freshly chopped parsley & served with Artisan Bread to mop up all the sauce

Bayley Lanes’ House Rubbed Chicken £4.95
Freshly cut chicken goujons breadcrmbed with our special in-house blend and drizzled with a served with our 3 peppercorn mayonnaise


3 delicious mini burger for £9.95

A selection of sliders from our in house menu Three mini burgers : Mini Falafel Burgers w lemon and coriander hummus, Beef with Pulled brisket with horseradish mayo, Lamb and Mint burgers with mint & yoghurt sauce

Home Comforts

Butchers’Chargrilled Lamb Chops £17.95 GF

Locally Sourced lamb chops, minted pea puree, glazed new potatoes, balsamic garlic and thyme confit herb vine cherry tomatoes, seasonal vegetables & rich jus

Citric Lime & Tomato, Coriander Salmon £14.95 GF
 Pan Fried Salmon a bed of curried cauliflower puree glazed new potatoes and seasonal vegetables

Caple Road Crispy Pork Belly £14.95 GF
Slowly cooked then pressed & pan fried to give a crispy outer layer served on a bed of creamed sweet potato puree, glazed new potatoes, seasonal vegetables & served with our very own bayley cider jus.

Asian Inspired Stir Fry Veg £10.50 V/VE
Diced Vegetable sautéed with garlic and chili mixed in with vermicelli rice noodles and our in house sauce made with delicious dried oyster mushrooms (vegan friendly)
Additional supplements:  pulled brisket £3 / pan fried salmon £3.50 / pulled duck leg £4

Deluxe Chicken Caesar £10.95
Chargrilled chicken breast, poached egg, fresh parmesan shavings, crispy serrano ham strips with cos lettuce wrapped in a creamy Caesar dressing and croutons 

6oz Chargrilled Locally Sourced Flat Iron Steak £13.95 GF
Served with glazed new potatoes, blistered Padron pepper, confit cherry tomatoes on the vine, flat mushroom marinated in garlic and thyme

8 oz Chargrilled Locally Sourced Ribeye Steak £14.95 GF
Served with glazed new potatoes, blistered Padron pepper, confit cherry tomatoes on the vine, flat mushroom marinated in garlic & thyme & cooked to your liking.

Why not Kick it up a notch with the following sauces?

chimi churri £1.50             Garlic white wine & mushroom £2.50 3 blend peppercorn sauce £2.95

Corn Fed Chicken Supreme £14.95
Pan fried skin-on chicken supreme served bed of buttered herb crushed new potatoes, seasonal vegetables & homemade creamy wild mushroom & prosecco sauce

Homemade Pasta of the Day
Please speak to your server for today's special which is sure to impress!


our burgers stand out from the crowd

All our beef burgers are 6oz handmade & griddled to order with a great deal of love & attention. Served on a toasted pretzel bun, baby gem lettuce, lightly dressed sweet and crunchy red cabbage & mixed herb slaw & served with skin on fries.

(please let us know if you are gluten free so you can enjoy all of our burgers with a g/f bun)

Pulled Brisket Burger Topped with Horseradish Mayonnaise £12.95 G.F.O.A
Our beef patty topped with pulled brisket topped with horseradish mayonnaise mixed in with freshly chopped parsley & shallots.
House Rubbed Chicken Burger £11.95
Freshly cut chicken breast marinated and seasoned  with our special in-house mixture and covered in freshly ground breadcrumbs drizzled with a freshly blended 3 peppercorn mayonnaise
Home Made Morrocon Falafel Burger £10.50 V/VE
Served with crunchy sweet marinated red cabbage topped with a lemon and coriander hummus dusted with black and white sesame seeds

8oz Minted lamb Burger £12.50 G.F.O.A
An extra large lamb and mint patty topped sweet & crunchy red cabbage and mixed herbs slaw & homemade mixed yogurt cucumber and mint dressing

This plate isn’t for the faint-hearted Risk it yourself or have it to share!

All burgers served with Skinny Fries or Sweet Potato Fries for an upgrade of £1.00

Gluten free buns available on request


Skinny fries £2.50 V/VE

Cajun Dusted fries £2.50 V/VE

Sweet Potato Fries £3.50 V/VE

 Glazed New Potatoes - reduced in garlic thyme and butter £2.95 V/VE/GF

Dressed Side Salad £2.50 V/VE/GF

Selection of Vegetables £2.95 V/VE/GF


Gluten free Chocolate Brownie £4.95 GF/V
with salted caramel ice cream

Rich Irish Cream Cheesecake £4.95 V
with Vanilla Ice Cream
Lemon Tart £4.95 V
with Fresh Raspberries and Vanilla Ice Cream
Candy Shop Cheesecake £5.95 V
with toppings of Chocolate Bits and Sweets

Selection of Artisan Cheese & Biscuits £6.95 V

Please ask if you have any allergen or dietary requirements, we cannot list every ingredient in our dishes and although every care is taken, due to the busy nature of our restaurant we cannot guarantee the absence of nuts or other allergens. V = Vegetarian | GF = Gluten Free | VE = Vegan